Ahh Cuba (2004)

A residential area built with local materials and recognized techniques in the farming village Puerta de Golpe in western Cuba.

A buildings’ exposure to storms could be controlled by its geometrical form. Tall buildings, for example, or those with large roof overhangs or verandas, present an easy target for the wind. Still verandas represent the most popular space; outside, but in the shade.
In my design-project, I use the veranda-roofs to protect the building against the frequent storms, by making them foldable.

In the event of a possible hurricane, people are made aware of the situation, three days prior to a likely hit. Three days could be utilized to transform comfortable living into a protectable shield towards the nature.

Crossventilation through building 

Bamboo plantations on site 

Sleeping loft 

Scullary at backyard veranda 

Normal veranda roof position 

Closed veranda roofs 

Veranda roofs made of light bamboo 

Roof angle 30-40° 

Situation model