Breaking Slussen (2010)

Exhibition shown at Blå Bodarna, Slussen, through Main Gallery the 20th of Febuary 2010, during the gallery-night arranged by MARKET.

Slussen and breakdance both represent urbanity whilst being constructed of round shapes
and circular movements. The merging of the two created the project "Breaking SLUSSEN" stressing the raw and naked expression that is significant for both the architecure as well as the dance form.

A large part of the video work is filmed inside the “Tariq cave”, located in the hill below the Stomatol neon sign and the underground station of Slussen. A space, overlooking the metro platform, discovered during the 80's by graffiti artists, today representing somewhat of a tag-museum. I make my contribution to its' collection through my dance. Meanwhile my body slowly gets covered with a quote from the great modernistic architect le Corbusier. “You, You in Stockholm, have constructed the first great creation of modern times, the traffic intersection Slussen...”

Sounds from the location have been mixed to create a rhythmical noise and is interspersed with Billy Holliday's “I wished on the moon”. A song released in 1935, the same year that Slussen was inaugurated.

The performance zooms in and magnifies the border between dance and architecture,
dissecting the different components; matter vs. motion, material vs. skin, forming a
dreamlike pattern of Slussen and its future.

The project has been realized by funds from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.