Cocong (2011)

Architectural model for the exhibition "cocong" at Ekoteket, Kulturhuset, Stockholm. Workgroup: Nathalie Ged and Teres Selberg.

The exhibition cocong, was initiated to reach out to the public with ideas on how to build both sustainable and fashionable. We wanted to show three different ways of interpreting our given theme "Vintage" in relation to sustainable architectural ideas. 1- Reusing second-hand architectural elements in new combinations to add character to the structure, e.g. windows and doors. 2- Show materials already on the market made out of recycled materials, e.g. flooring of recycled glass or plastics, or roof with isolation made from recycled glass. 3- Add ideas for future building components where we have too much rest materials today, e.g. roof tiles from old car-tires or building blocks made of gabion baskets filled with old concrete rests from torn down buildings (or after a disaster).

The exhibition was made in collaboration with Kulturhuset, Ekoteket, Energimyndigheten, Svanen and The Royal Institute of Technology, and curated by Elise Grosse and Nadia Tolstoy.