Party People (2008)

Exhibition shown at Draken, Fridhemsplan, Stockholm November 14th - Nov 20th 2008.
Right now also exhibited at Museum in a Shoebox ( August 1st - Aug 31st 2009.

“Either you’ve got a nice body, or you are very fashionable, or you are very pretty, or you are very real looking”, Pepper Labeija, from the documentary “Paris is Burning”. Everybody has something extra, and if each one give a little of themselves there will be a lot of energy and inspiration to get.

The idea was to create a surreal atmosphere, an ecape from reality, using colour, pattern and just a little too much happy expressions, inviting the audience to be a part of the illusion.




Leona and Emmylou, 177x220 cm 

Olivia and Penopele, 177x220 cm 

Tiffany, 138x175cm 

Precilla, 138x175 cm 

Pauline, 138x175 cm 

Amanda, 138x175 cm 

Ramona, 138x175 cm 

Ester, 145x175 cm 

Yasmine, 145x175 cm 

Aug 1st - Aug 31st 2009
Show at Museum in a Shoebox: Aug 1st - Aug 31st 2009