City Hall Turist Walk (2012)
Lots of tourists walk through the City Hall in Stockholm every day. The specific rhythm of a tourist walk is created by the guide, her voice, talking speed and timetable. If you don't follow the flow you will be left behind or find another way of approaching the space. Resonance is the basic sensory experience between the human body and place in terms of energy: motion, vibration, sound, light, texture, etc. The body is itself a resonant system with voice, steps, breathing, in interaction with the built environment. In a transformation of the tourist walk we start a dialogue with the architecture and learn to know its scale, texture, dimensions and material, through our bodies when we are walking through different spatial qualities.

Workgroup: Monica Sand and Ricardo Atienza (voice, steps, sound, text and video), Anna E Weiser (singer), Teres Selberg (dancer).

Exhibited at Arkitekturmuseet as part of the exhibition "Underverket - Stockholms Stadshus", 2011-2012.